Is Sustainability Still Possible?

Written by Erik Assadourian & Tom Prugh

We all would like to know the definitive answer to this question.  Unfortunately, the contributors to The State of the World 2013 cannot give us the answer--maybe not, maybe so.  The outlook looks dismal if humankind continues on its present of environmental disregard, "growth," consumerism, global corporatism and accelerated consumption.  The will to make the necessary adjustments to allow Spaceship Earth to continue to function is present at the grassroots level.  Paul Hawken has addressed this in Blessed Unrest, as have the contributors State of the World 2013.  On almost all levels, politicians are failing us. Read especially chapter 21, Moving Toward a Global Moral Consensus on Environmental Action by Kathleen Dean Moore and Micheal Nelson.  Planet Earth is fragile; the life-sustaining properties of our only home is the cosmos is being threatened--let us not fail in our moral obligations to future and present humanity.

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