Confronting Hidden Threats to SUSTAINABILITY

Written by Worldwatch Institute

  Confronting Hidden Threats to Sustainability iis the 2015 State of the World report of the Worldwatch Institute, and, once again, the staff of Worldwatch has  shown humanity marching in lockstep to corporate profit to an unhappy future--one that could be avoided if we only act soon enough.  Naomi Klein and David Korten have recently presented a similar trajectory; David Brower famously stated years ago that "Business is killing the world."    State of the World 2015 cites significant hidden threats:  energy, credit, and the end of growth; curbing growth; stranded assets; declining harvests; decline of the oceans; Arctic changes; emerging diseases from animals; climate migrants--some of these but not are subsidiaries of climate change.  The solutions required go far beyond the realm of technical adaptions.  Large-scale social, economic, and political engineering--fundamental changes in the way humans live on Planet Earth are required if humanity is to have a comfortable and acceptable future.

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