The Transition Handbook

Written by Rob Hopkins

The Transition Handbook:  From Oil dependency to local resilience is divided into 3 parts, the first is startling--we are rapidly approaching peak oil (if we have nt already reached it) and virtually everything in our modern lifestyle and economy is made of or depends on oil or fossil fuels (consider fertilizer, medicines, computer parts, synthetic fibers, electricity, cars, trains, planes).  Climate change aside, probably sooner than later our oil tank will go empty. We are approaching peak everything,   Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement, in the second 2 parts of The Transition Handbook, outlines a program for societal and economic change to a powered-down but more satisfying, secure and sustainable mode of living.  This is not pie-in-the-sky; Hopkins and his associates have facilitated the creation of such a community--Transition Town Totnes.  Throughout the U.K., many similar projects have started up.  If we follow the suggestions in Hopkins' handbook, human society can avoid the chaotic collapse that will likely occur when fossil fuel is suddenly depleted.

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