The Left Hand of God

Written by Michael Lerner

The Left Hand of God :  Healing America's Political and Spiritual Crisis addresses the central mystery of contemporary politics--why so many Americans vote Republican when it it against their own economical and social interests.  Lerner argues that the Democratic Party must reestablish a spiritual basis and champion a progressive spiritual vision.  America should act as a spiritual community the purpose of which is to actualize our yearning for a higher purpose and thereby create a better life for everyone.  Rabbi Lerner offers an eight-point plan to accomplish this--The Spiritual Covenant with America: 

1. Covenant with American Families 2. Covenant of Personal Responsibility.  3.  Covenant of Social Responsibility  4. Covenant for a Values-Based Education.  5. Covenant for Health Care.  6. Covenant of Environmental Stewardship  7. Covenant for Building a Safer World  8. Covenant to Separate Church and State and Science.

In short, social justice follows a spiritual path.



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