How culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate

Written by Andre4w J. Hoffman

Andrew Hoffman, as a professor of social sciences and director of  the Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb Institute for Global Sustainability, explains in this book why climate change deniers and doubters cannot be convinced that a major change in humanity's approach to the economy and the environment by scientific fact or evangelic environmentalism.  Religious conservatives simply don't believe that God would let humans destroy His Creation; wealthy white upper class males have too much to lose if we go to a sustainable and nonpolluting global economy.   Bludgeoning each other with extreme viewpoints and hostile rhetoric will not get the job done.  The case for economic change in the face of indisputable climate facts has to be made on grounds that the right values--preservation of a decent life for the well-to-do, economic advantages, concern for grandchildren and, now, Pope Paul's suggestions.  Jamming polar viewpoints against each other will not get the job done.  Professor Hoffman outlines a "middle way" approach with the intent to nudge the center incrementally to the left--but not at a useless snail's pace.  Read this book for a better understanding of the sociology of the climate debate and learn how you can help shape the climate change debate constructively.

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