The Tipping Point

Written by Gritfish

The Tipping Point  (How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference) was at the top of a suggested reading list at a workshop on the subject of hope given by Dick and Jeanne Roy, co-founders of The Center for Earth Leadership.  I expected the book to be about the"butterfly effect"  and how small actions can generate unpredictable and unexpected results.  Instead, the book is about how fads, epidemics, memes, public opinions and propaganda can be purposefully spread through a population.  Some ideas simply wash up on the beach at the right time but others are shaped and nurtured by psychological manipulation.  Read this book and you can understand how products can be sold and elections manipulated through social media and the internet. The concepts present ed in this book offer a feasible explanation of the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.  There is good news, though--the same techniques can be used to honestly promote desirable outcomes.  Also, humans can develop an immunity to dark propaganda--hopefully, in time.

Dick Roy's talk can be viewed on YouTube as a TED talk.

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