Trump and a Post-Truth World

Written by Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber's philosophy of human evolution proposes a 4-quadrant division of inevitable progress dependent on human maturation in each quadrant:  "Integral Metatheory."   Wilber's theory is difficult to understand without first studying Wilber's "A Brief History of Everything", but fortunately "Trump and a Post-Truth World" can be understood as a stand-alone reading.  Wilber was deeply troubled (as was the entire civilized world) about Trump's unanticipated 2016 electoral victory produced this book-length essay.  The basic cause for the loss was the the Democratic Party's (in the green quadrant) to recognize and empathize with the distress felt by those in the "amber' and "red" quadrants--the laborers, workers and others in lower socioeconomic strata.  To dismiss the "amber" and "red' groups as a despised "basket of deplorables" was a fatal mistake which Trump, a master conman and malignant narcissist, immediately recognized and exploited with great skill (whether or not there was collusion with Russian internet trolls.)

Wilber holds that this colossal blunder by the "leading green edge" provides a great learning experience--the "greens" (including most Democrats)--must  expand their worldcentric view to include the less fortunate among the less developed.  In practical terms, do something to make their situation better.  In a word, the "leading green edge" must extend practical compassion to those who are less fortunate through no fault of their own.

The book ends on a hopeful note--an evolutionary current, Eros, drives human evolution inevitably toward the Good, the True and the Beautiful.  The Trump debacle is a learning experience, a bump in the road, in humanity's progressive evolution. 



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