Beyond the Messy Truth

Written by Van Jones

"We have met the enemy and he is us"-- these immortal words of Pogo Possum summarizes Beyond the Messy Truth:  How we came apart  How we come together.  Van Jones explains how clashing class movements, racism, sexism and tribalism, inherent in American society since the Founding Fathers, have been used by by U.S. politicians (primarily Republicans but some Democrats, too) to manipulate the American electoral college to partisan ends.  The result of the dysfunctions in America is a POTUS who is disapproved by the majority of Americans and who is considered by most to be unfit for office.  Van Jones details how longstanding animosities between segments of our society resulted in the election of Trump.  The solution is not more political warfare but e a coming together of right and left, red and blue, Republicans and Democrats, working together for the common good and welfare for all Americans--for We the People.  Jones reflects the sentiment of Martin Luther King--"you cannot extinguish darkness with darkness--only with light."  Not only does the future of the United States depend upon cooperative action that benefits everyone; the future of Planet Earth is dependent upon cooperative good will as well.  Many pundits recognize this--e.g. Ken Wiilber and Naomi Klein.  Humanity is a social species and our survival is dependent on our cooperative efforts.  Van Jones shows how this can be done in the USA.

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