World Without Fish

Written by Mark Kurlansky

World Without Fish is a highly readable scientifc primer about the sustainability of marine life and the ecological consequences that will occur if the oceans become unsuitable for life.  Citing Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species,  Kurlansky demonstrates how conditions that lead to the breakdown of biodiversity can ultimately lead to the extinction of humans.  Tht illustrations by Frank Stockton punctuate the message.  The book is intended for readers 9 years and up.  The prose is easy reading but the message is powerful.  World Without Fish should be in every grade and high school library.  For those already versed in environmental issues, it is a concise and thorough reminder of the future we face if mankind does not take appropriate action now.a

Overfishing: what everyone should know

Written by Ray Hilborn

Ocean fisheries provide about 25% of the protein humans consume but this important resource is threatened by overharvest, mismanagement, myth and misunderstanding.  Ray Hilborn discusses both sides of sustainable fisheries management and the economics of commercial fishing.  This book offers a balanced approach based on current best science.

Oregon Salmon

Written by Oregon Trout

Oregon Salmon:  Essays on the State of the Fish At the Turn of the Millennium was compiled by Oregon Trout, a cold-water and salmonid fisheries advocacy.  The illustrations by Joseph R. Tomerlleri are beautiful and in themselves make the book worth perusing.  More importantly, Oregon Salmon discusses the effects of development, population growth and resource exploitation on a specific ecological system--Northwest salmon; the conclusions apply to ecological systems everywhere.

Making Salmon

Written by Joseph E.. III Taylor. William Cronon

"Making Salmon:  An Environmental History of the Northwest Fisheries Crisis" is of critical importance for everyone interested in understanding the origins of and finding a solution for the current environmental crisis in the Pacific Northwest, a crisis that has found its icon in the o­nce-plentiful salmon of the region.  Extensively annotated, "Making Salmon" is exciting and accessible reading about a complex problem.

The Northwest Salmon Crisis: A Documentary History

Written by Joseph Cone. Sandy Ridlington

The history of the current salmon crisis is long and disturbingly consistent. with concern over declining salmon runs beginning in the 1880s. "The Northwest Salmon Crisis" focuses o­n the human actions--and failures to act--that have helped drive many wild salmon stocks in the Pacific Northwest to the brink of extinction.

First Fish. First People: Salmon Tales of the North Pacific Rim

Written by Judith Roche. Meg McHutchison

Salmon Tales of the North Pacific Rim: from the Pacific northwest to Alaska to Siberia to Japan.

Totem Salmon: Life Lessons from Another Species

Written by Freeman House

Community, Watershed and Salmon Recovery in northern California; a model for environmental recovery!

Watershed: The Undamming of America

Written by Elizabeth Grossman

Why free-flowing rivers provide more benefits than dammed ones.

Salmon Nation : People and Fish at the Edge

Written by Elizabeth Woody. Seth Zuckerman. Edward C. Wolf

People and fish at the edge of the Pacific Rim--an exploration of broad bioregionalism; a holistic and wholesome way of structuring our relationship to our nurturing environment.

Salmon Without Rivers: A History of the Pacific Salmon Crisis

Written by Jim Lichatowich

An account of the decline of salmon throughout the Northwest and why hatcheries cannot replace natural habitat.

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