The Four Global Truths

Written by Darrin Drda

The Four Global Truths parallel the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism and are (1) the reality of global suffering , (2) the roots of global suffering, (3) the relief of global suffering and (4) the road to recovery.  We don't have to be convinced that global suffering is real and that the roots lie in self-centered acquisitiveness; Drda shows how application of Buddhist principles--essentially, a change of attitude and ways if thinking--can lead to a decrease, if not a complete resolution of global suffering.  The Noble Eight-Fold Path shows the way:  (1) right view or wisdom practice (2) right intention (3) right speech (4) right action (5) right livelihood (6) right effort (7) right mindfulness (8) right concentration.  The Noble Eight-Fold Path, expanded from the personal to the societal, can relieve global suffering.


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