Evolving Ourselves

Written by Enriquez & Gullans

Evolution is not simply of "only molecules," as Juan Enriquez an Steve Gullan explain in Evolving Ourselves.  The surrounding environment may seriously influence the expression of the DNA that you (or any other living organism) were born with.  As geneticist MD now like to say, nature loads the bullets (the genes) and nurture pulls the trigger (the expression of those genes).  As we alter the environment by our actions and choices, humans influence the evolutionary direction of all life forms.  From the human standpoint, this is good--technology has the possible to eliminate genetic disorders and even influence such scourges as the human obesity epidemic.  Future humans could become great caretakers of the planet, as well as a more diverse, more resilient, gentler, and more intelligent species--but only if we make the right choices now.

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