Take Action


Thousands of environmental causes around the world deserve immediate action. No single web site could list them all. Mankind's misuse of the natural environment has created unforeseen effects everywhere, many of which threaten survival of life on Earth as we know it. Fortunately, the cumulative action of citizens, acting individually and through non-governmental organizations can achieve significant results. Al Gore has said, 'Concern for the environment must become the central organizing principle of civilization.' We must view ourselves as responsible citizens of the world and not as abused taxpayers deprived of some perceived right to act wholly for our own interests.

The important thing is to take action and work to make a difference. The outcomes we seek are evolutionary and most will be achieved slowly. It is important, therefore, to remain detached from the outcome from any specific action and to work steadfastly. We must keep in mind that most participants in the present extractive economy are not innately malicious but subscribe to the view that mankind's economy is paramount to all things and that there is a technological fix for any damage that is done--in other words, they are simply unaware.

Network of Spiritual Progressives


The Network of Spiritual Progressives welcomes secular humanists, atheists and people who are "spiritual but not religious" as well as people from every religious community who share the values of love, generosity, creativity, wonder and a commitment to respect one another.  The Network of Spiritual progressives seeks a new bottom line so that institutions, corporations, social practices, governmental practices, our educational system, our legal system, our medical system and even our personal behavior is judged efficient, rational and productive to the extent that each one maximizes love, caring, kindness, generosity, ethical and ecologically sensitive behavior and enhances both our capacity to respond to others as embodiments of the sacred and to to the universe with awe, wonder, and radical amazement at the grandeur and mystery of all being.

We recognize that our well being depends on the well being of everyone else on the planet and the well being of the Earth.


BlueGreen Alliance


The BlueGreen Alliance unites major environmental groups and labor unions to create, promote and organize job-creating projects that will benefit, rather than diminish the environment.  It aims for good jobs with living wages in projects that move the planet toward sustainability.  Research, advocacy, policy and education brings workers and environmentalists in ways that benefit human society and the natural environment within which the society exists.  BlueGreen Alliance sees global warming and climate change as an opportunity for job creation and for a response to the demand by nature that humanity abandon extractivism and accept sustainability.  The basic concept is that we can have both good jobs and a healthy, recovering, life-sustaining environment.  Environmentally beneficial human activity can be a powerful job-creator and economic engine.  www.bluegreenalliance.org



Waterkeeper Alliance unites all Waterkeeper organizations; it is one of the fastest growing grassroots environmental in the world, spanning six continents. Waterkeeper Alliance was founded in 1999, responding to a growing movement of organizations with the name of Riverkeeper, Baykeeper, Soundekeeper. etc.  The original Riverkeeper organization was organized in 1983 in New York State to deal with the destructive industrial pollution that was destroying the Hudson River.  Waterkeeper Alliance coordinates actions and covers issues to protect rivers, lakes, bays, sounds, and other water bodies around the world.  Examples of Riverkeeper Alliances include the original Hudson Riverkeeper, San Francisco Baykeeper, Willamette Riverkeeper, San Diego Coastkeepr, Atchafakaya Basinkeeper, Louisiana Bayoukeeper and many others.  As part of its Clean and Safe Energy campaign, Waterkeeper Alliance works to address sources of pollution related to the mining, transportation, combustion and disposal of coal.  Robert Kennedy, Jr. is the president of Waterkeeper Alliance.  Support your local Waterkeeper organization! www.waterkeeper.org

Audubon Society


Audubon's mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the Earth's biological diversity.  More than a century ago, Audubon's first members rallied a nation to protect birds from the hunters who sought their spectacular feathers to adorn hats.  Today, Audubon tackles environmental threats far more complex and daunting that the early activists could have imagined.  Blending science, education, and policy expertise, Audubon protects birds and habitat--birds vital for their beauty and the enjoyment they bring to mankind and habitat vital for the survival of all species.  htpp://www.audubon.org




KXRAY.fm is Portland, Oregon response to mega media propafoxaganda.  KXRAY is a locally owned and and funded fm station currently featuring Thom Hartmann and Carl Wolfson, as well as music appreciated by progressives.  It challenges Fox "news.  The hope is that other communities will adopt the "XRAY" approach and develop low power local progressivl stations featuring nationally syndicated progressive talk shows when they can afford it and when not, feature local progressive issues and great music.  Contribute to KXRAY!  Start a station in your locality!  Stream KXRAY on your tablet or smartphone! Their URL is http://xray.fm


Pacific Forest Trust


Pacific Forest Trust is dedicated to conserving and sustaining America's vital, productive landscapes by working with forest owners, communities and a array of partners to advance innovative, incentive-based strategies which benefit all forest shareholders.  Pacific Forest Trust employs state-of-the-art forest stewardship practices to ensure that forests continue to provide clean water, sustainably harvested wood, green jobs, wildlife habitat and a livable climate.www.pacificforest.org

Beyond Toxics


Beyond Toxics is a state-wide environmental health organization based in Eugene, Oregon.  Rachel's Friends, a breast cancer coalition emphasizing environmental toxics as causative for breast cancer, has merged with Beyond Toxics, which has 2 proactive commitments: 

1.  to challenge the root causes of toxic pollution Oregon by changing policies and laws.

2.  to provide grassroots direct-action on local, specific projects to preserve the environment and protect public health 

Local, focused action brings the problem to the attention of the people directly affected by toxic exposure and activates the responsible government agencies to respond.


The Climate Reality Project


The Climate Reality Project is bringing the facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream and engaging the public in conservation about how to solve it.  The Climate Reality Project helps citizens around the world understand the magnitude of climate change, what the dire consequences are likely to be and to take meaningful steps to help minimize them.  Founded and chaired by Al Gore, who is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, the Climate Reality Project is guided by one simple truth:  the climate crisis is real and there are means available to solve it.  Contact http://climaterealityproject.org to arrange for a speaker in your community from The Climate Reality Project or learn how to be an ambassador for this project yourself.

The Natural Resources Defense Council


(www.nrdc.org). The Natural Resources Defense Council's purpose is to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems upon which all life depends. NRDC works to restore the integrity of the elements that sustain life—air, land and water—and to defend endangered natural places. NRDC seeks to establish sustainability and good stewardship of the Earth as central ethical imperatives of human society. NRDC strives to protect nature in ways that advance the long-term welfare of present and future generations. NRDC works to foster the fundamental right of all people to have a voice in decisions that effect their environment. Ultimately, NRDC strives to help create a new way of life for mankind, one that can be sustained indefinitely without fouling or depleting the resources that support all life on Earth.

Each year, NRDC identifies 12 BioGems—places throughout the Americas in urgent need of environmental defense.  These unspoiled wildlands are in grave danger from oil and gas drilling, mining, logging and other "development", but they are also placed where citizen activism can turn the tide. 

Among the most egregious projects being planned is Anglo American’s proposal to mine the headwaters of the Bristol Bay drainage in western Alaska for gold and copper, creating a huge open pit mine 2 miles long and 2000 feet deep.  The Iliamna/Bristol Bay drainage is the basis for a large tourism/sports angling industry; Bristol Bay hosts the largest and most important sockeye salmon left in the world.  Anglo American, which has a poor reputation for its environmental destruction through similar projects worldwide, claims that the mine would provide 1000 jobs for Alaskans—failing to mention that it would destroy ten time that many industries in the tourism and fishing industries.  Anglo American has a reputation for such destructive projects worldwide, leaving the indigenous people of the exploited region with no reparation.  Help stop Pebble Mine and preserve the Bristol Bay Fishery.

  Take action for Bristol Bay and 11other Biogem sites by going to www.savebiogems.org

The Wilderness Society


(www.wilderness.org). In 1935. Aldo Leopold. University of Wisconsin professor of wildlife ecology and author of A Sand County Almanac. co-founded The Wilderness Society. The founding group declared that 'All we desire to save from invasion is that extremely minor fraction of outdoor America which yet remains free from mechanical sights and sounds and smell.' The Wilderness Society works to protect America's wilderness and to develop a network of wild lands through public education. scientific analysis and advocacy. The goal of the society is to ensure that present and future generations will have the invaluable benefits that pristine forests. rivers. deserts and mountains provide. 

Sightline Institute


Sightline Institute is a not-for-profit research and communication center --a think tank--based in Seattle.  Founded in 1993 by Alan Durning, Sightline's mission is to bring about sustainability, a healthy, lasting prosperity grounded in place.  Sightline's focus is Cascadia, or the Pacific Northwest.  It's a slow-motion revolution, but it's happening.  Since 1993, Sightline has equipped northwesterners with the research and tools they need to make progress on a range of solutions, from creating a fair, efficient system for slashing global warming pollution to banning toxic chemicals that have shown up in our food and our bodies to defeating ruinous land-use ballot measures across the Northwest in 2006 and 2007.  Sightline's Cascadia Scorecard is a pioneering attempt to assess life in the Pacific Northwest across a variety of measures yearly.  Whether you live in Cascadia or not, Sightline provides a model for grounding sustainability in place.  http://www.sightline.org

Indigenous Environmental Network


The Indigenous Environmental Network is a network of Indigenous Peoples empowering Indigenous Nations and communities towards sustainable livelihoods, demanding environmental justice and maintaining the Sacred Fire of Indigenous traditions.  IEN advocates sustainability, works for environmental justice and opposes destructive practices by global corporations such as tar sand mining for oil.  Visit http://www.ienearth.org.

The Lazy Environmentalist


The Lazy Environmentalist is both a TV show on the Sundance Channel and a valuable resource for environmentally sound purchases.  Go to www.lazyenvironmentalist.com to find the best products vis-a-vis the environment.  Josh Dorfman has created an extensive catalog of almost everything that you might need.  



(www.bioneers.org). Bioneers offers visionary and practical solutions for restoring the earth.  Bioneers' mission is to disseminate environmental solutions and strategies to national and global audiences. to develop and spread model economic strategies and practices that conserve biological and cultural diversity. to promote understanding of the human-nature relationship and to revitalize our cultural and spiritual connection with the natural world.  Bioneers stresses positive and workable solutions.

The Natural Step


(www.naturalstep.org).  The Natural Step (TNS) is a non-profit environmental education organization working to build an ecologically and economically sustainable society.  TNS offers a framework that is based on science and serves as a compass for businesses. communities. academia. government entities and individuals working to redesign their activities to become more sustainable.  The Natural Step was founded in Sweden in 1989 by Dr. Karl-Henrik Roberts. who. with the help of 50 Swedish scientists. developed a consensus document (iterated 21 times) that describes the basic knowledge of the biosphere's functions. how society influences natural systems and how to change the situation into an attractive sustainable society.  Hundreds of municipalities. schools. organizations and businesses are using the framework of The Natural Step's "Four System Conditions" to develop a sustainable society.

Living Lands & Waters


(www.livinglandsandwaters.org) Chad Pregracke grew up on the banks of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. While attending high school and college he worked as a commercial shell diver and saw, first-hand, the enormous amount of garbage and junk that littered the shores and bottom of these rivers. In 1997 he decided to take action; physically and by himself, he began to remove junk and debris from the rivers-one old tire or discarded refrigerator at a time. In 1998 Chad founded Living Lands & Waters, a non-profit organization dedicated to waterway cleanup and restoration, as well as environmental education. Chad has been awarded an honorary doctorate from St. Ambrose University for his work in environmental education and, among many other honors, has been awarded the Jefferson Award for Public Service. Chad and Living Land & Waters are proof that one person can make a big difference!

Save our Wild Salmon


(www.removedams.org). This coalition is
working for removal of 4 dams on the Snake River. These dams are thought to be the major cause of the drastic decline (approaching extinction) of salmon runs in the Snake and Columbia rivers. This issue is pivotal because it represents the realization that. in many cases. environmental benefits outweigh economic considerations and that the best course of action is to undo past mistakes. The Pacific Northwest is at the epicenter of a paradigm shift that. hopefully. will lead from the present anthropocentric era to an ecocentric era. Supporting dam removal on the Snake acknowledges that harmful human constructions can and should be reversed. American Rivers(www.americanrivers.org) is active in this effort. 

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility


(www.peer.org). PEER is a national alliance of local. state and federal resource professionals that supports government employees who are charged with protecting the environment. Public employees stand as defenders of the public interest within their agencies and are the first line of defense against the exploitation and pollution of the environment. PEER supports a high standard of ethics and scientific integrity within environmental agencies and protects whistle blowers who expose the failure of their agencies to enforce compliance with environmental regulations. In the setting of a hostile administration. dedicated and honest employees in regulatory agencies are of vital importance to the environment. 

Worldwatch Institute


(www.worldwatch.org). Worldwatch publishes State of the World each year (e.g. 'State of the World 2001'). updating the reader as to the current status of major worldwide environmental problems. Provides an overview and highlights 'hot spots.'

Northwest Earth Institute


(www.nwei.org). NWEI offers courses in Deep Ecology. Voluntary Simplicity and Choices for Sustainable Living. If you live in the Pacific Northwest. you can host one of these courses or. if you live elsewhere. NWEI will help you organize a similar program suitable for your region.

Center for Earth Leadership


The Center for Earth Leadership ( http://www.earthleaders.org ) trains and motivates Northwest citizens to assume a leadership role in forging a sustainable culture.  Started by Dick and Jean Roy, who also founded the Northwest Earth Institute, has a singular vision: 

Citizens must provide the true leadership to a sustainable future.  Center programs recognize the immense potential of each individual to assume an expanded role in daily life by :  (1)  reducing personal impact on the earth, (2) by being an agent of change, and (3) being an assertive advocate for the earth. 

    Classes and workshops include: 

    1.  Agent of Change in Your Circle of Influence (5-session class)

    2.  Assessing Your Ecological Footprint (6-session class)

    3.  The Local Organizer's Toolkit (3-hour workshop).

    4.  Home Eco-Party (gathering). 

Learn more about being an active influence for ecological sustainability at:

http://www.earthleaders.org /                        

Engender Health


(http://www.engenderhealth.org/). EngenderHealth is a nonprofit organization founded in 1943. that has been working internationally for over 30 years to support and strengthen reproductive health services for women and men worldwide. Since its inception. its work has improved the health and lives of more than 100 million individuals in 90 countries.



(www.greenpeaceusa.org) Greenpeace takes direct 
 action. often just short of monkey wrench tactics. Help them draw attention to the more egregious environmental problems!

Alaska Conservation Foundation


(www.akcf.org) Preventing the plunder of Alaska's great wilderness represents the paradigm shift toward ecocentrism. Alaska takes king's place among the world's remaining treasures. There is much to save here! Take action!

The Rainforest Alliance


(www.rainforest-alliance.org) An international nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of tropical forests for the benefit of the global community. Our mission is to develop and promote economically viable and socially desirable alternatives to the destruction of this endangered. biologically diverse natural resource. We pursue this mission through education. research in the social and natural sciences. and the establishment of cooperative partnerships with businesses. governments. and local peoples.

David Suzuki Foundation


(www.davidsuzuki.org). Dr. David Suzuki is a professor of genetics whose scientific studies led him to realize that Planet Earth verges on the moribund. given the present abuses of the environment. Dr. Suzuki. in 1990. established the David Suzuki Foundation to find and communicate ways in which a balance between social. economic and ecological needs can be achieved. The David Suzuki Foundation is a science-based and solutions-oriented Canadian environmental organization.

Green Cross International


(www.gci.ch). Founding President Mikhail Gorbachev  has said that 'Gorbachev after Chernobyl is a different Gorbachev than before Chernobyl'. In 1993 Green Cross International was founded by President Gorbachev to achieve a fundamental transformation of society's values with  respect to the environment. to promote a spirit of dialogue and to develop a meshing of the economy. ecology and society. The growth in world property and consumption levels. and the population expansion. have created a heavy burden on the environment and quality of life for billions of people. To achieve sustainability. a balance must be found between society's major components: economy and technology. ecology and demography. and governance and equity.
 Global Green USA (www.globalgreen.org) represents GCI in the United States.

The Alaska Wilderness League


(www.alaskawild.org) supports legislative and administrative initiatives to protect Alaska's lands and waters. promotes national and local recognition of Alaska's spectacular environment through public education. strengthens grassroots activism on behalf of Alaska's environment. and provides leadership within the environmental community on selected issues that concern Alaska.

Environmental Defense


(www.environmentaldefense.org) is dedicated to protecting the environmental rights of all people. including future generations.  Among those rights are clean air. clean water. healthy. nourishing food and a flourishing ecosystem.  Environmental Defense is guided by scientific analysis of problems and works for solutions that are bipartisan and fair.  As an American organization. Environmental Defense pays special attention to America's environmental problems and to America's role in both causing and solving global environmental problems.  Visit www.environmentaldefense.org to learn more about this effective organization!

The Sierra Club


(www.sierraclub.com) was founded in 1892 by John Muir. naturalist. conservationist and writer.  The Sierra Club now has over 600.000 members.  The mission statement of this venerable organization is to:
      - Explore . enjoy. and protect the wild places of the earth;
      - Practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources;
      - Educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment;
      - Use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.
 The Sierra Club has a very extensive web site at www.sierraclub.org with information on virtually every area of major environmental concern. as well an extensive history of the environmental movement. 

The League of Conservation Voters


The League of Conservation Voters works to create a United States Congress more responsive to the environmental concerns of Americans. It is a nonpartisan political voice for over nine million members of environmental and conservation groups and is dedicated full-time to educating citizens about the voting records of members of the U.S. Congress. The LCV site is linked to various state organizations with similar goals for state legislatures. The League of Conservation Voters believes that an educated electorate is a powerful electorate. Get the information you need to flex your powerful political muscle by visiting www.lcv.org.

Renewable Energy Web Sites


The Web sites listed below are a sampling of Internet information about renewable energy and efficiency issues.  Each listing contains links to useful sites.  The list was published in ReView. The Evergreen State College newsletter. Winter 2001. 

True Food Shopping List


Genetically engineered foods are being sold without labeling throughout the United States—this in spite of the fact that the long-term consequences of consuming such products are unknown. Genetically modified organisms, including those used as food, are, essentially, mutations. Most naturally occurring mutations are harmful and it is likely that genetically modified grains, animals and other comestibles will prove likewise. Already a bacterial gene, introduced into corn as a "natural" pesticide, has proved lethal to monarch butterflies. The effect of gmo mutants escaping into the environment is unknown. Jean Merrill of Greenpeace has stated that "Consumers should not be used as guinea pigs by companies who continue to sell genetically contaminated food". Boycotting genetically engineered food will discourage further development of these questionable products. Visit www.truefoodnow.org to obtain The True Food Shopping List: How to Avoid Genetically Engineered Food . 



(www.ecotrust.org) is dedicated to the emergence of a conservation economy along North America's rain forest. from San Francisco to Anchorage.  Ecotrust works in urban and rural areas to support entrepreneurs whose activities improve environmental.. economic and social conditions.  Ecotrust works toward a  "triple bottom line" (economy. ecology. equity) by following 14 conservation principles.  "The Tide Pool" (www.tidepool.org/)  is an informative source of bioregional news maintained at the Ecotrust site.

The Nature Conservancy


(www.nature.org) is dedicated to saving the Earth's Last Great Places. Using a nonconfrontational approach. Nature Conservancy has become the world's largest private international conservation organization. In the United States. Nature Conservancy has protected 12 million acres and 1.400 preserves. Worldwide. 80 million acres have been preserved by Nature Conservancy. Nature Conservancy identifies unique natural sites and works to protect them. often by direct purchase through fund-raising projects. Learn more about this very effective organization at www.nature.org

The Ocean Conservancy


The Ocean Conservancy's  mission is to protect ocean ecosystems and conserve the global abundance and diversity of marine life. The Ocean Conservancy focuses on four goals:
           1. Conserve and restore marine fish populations.
           2. Restore clean coastal and ocean waters.
           3. Conserve and recover vulnerable marine wildlife.
           4. Protect ocean ecosystems and establish ocean wildness.
 The Ocean Conservancy (www.cmc-ocean.org) envisions a world of healthy. protected oceans with wild and flourishing ecosystems. free of pollution and filled with diverse and abundant wildlife.

The Cousteau Society


(www.cousteausociety.org). Founded by Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau in 1973. The Cousteau Society is dedicated to the protection and improvement of quality of life for present and future generations. Jacques Cousteau was the co-inventor of the aqualung. The research vessels Calypso and Alcyone have carried members of Cousteau expeditions to virtually all of the world's oceans. The Cousteau Society has drafted a Bill of Rights for Future Generations which has been approved for submission to the General Assembly of the United Nations. Starting as an advocacy group for the marine environment. TCS has expanded its concern to sustainable. environmentally sound social progress. Learn about Jacques Cousteau. the Calypso. the Alcyone. the Dolphin Log and other fascinating facts and activities atwww.cousteausociety.org.

The Xerces Society


(www.xerces.org) is dedicated to protecting biological diversity through the conservation of invertebrates. Professor E.O. Wilson of Harvard. chairman of the Xerces Society scientific advisory committee has said: 

     'Quite simply. the terrestrial world is turned by insects and a few other invertebrate groups: the living world probably would survive the demise of all vertebrates. in greatly altered form of course. but life on land and in the sea would collapse down to a few simple plants and microorganisms without invertebrates.'


The Xerces Society. named for the Xerces Blue butterfly. the first butterfly in North America known to have become extinct as a result of human interference. has as its mission to strengthen the basis of conservation policies with scientific knowledge and public understanding about 'the little things that run the world.' The interactions of invertebrates form the biological foundation of all ecosystems: invertebrates cycle nutrients. pollinate crops and other plants. disperse seeds. maintain soil structure and fertility. exert control over populations of other organisms. and provide a major food source. They are a part of nearly every food chain. In short. they supply vital ecological services to the human population.
The Xerces Society believes that as people grow to respect and understand the importance of insects and other small creatures. they will in turn understand and respect all life. Among other services. the society publishes a quarterly journal with exquisite photographs of such invertebrates as dragonflies and butterflies.

The Simple Living Network


(www.simpleliving.net) is a database introducing the browser to the principles of voluntary simplicity. This site offers suggestions to lessen one's impact on the planet. live better with less money and to break out of the consumerism rat race. Videos. cassettes and other instructional material abut voluntary simplicity are available here. The Simple Living Network is cited in Affluenza: the All-Consuming Epidemic . by De Graaf. Wann and Naylor. For  courses on voluntary simplicity. contact the Northwest Earth Institute (www.nwei.org). 



Biomimicry is the science that studies nature's models and then imitates or emulates these natural products or processes to solve human problems or meet human needs without damaging or diminishing the natural world. It emphasizes non-extractive and sustainable technology. Green leaves. for example. capture solar energy but don't pollute. Spiders produce a substance as tough as Kevlar without toxic by-products. doing so at room temperature without petroleum or environmental damage.     Nature is a closed and self-sustaining system; biomimicry and systems sciences are closely related. Biological processes have developed over 3.8 billion years of evolution. are sustainable and. working as a system. enhance the environment. Biomimicry advocates that science study. and technologies emulate natural and biological processes. (www.biomimicry.net )

The Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund


(www.earthjustice.org) is a nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth and defending the right of all people to a healthy environment. Earthjustice brings about far-reaching change by enforcing and strengthening environmental laws on behalf of hundreds of public interest clients without charge. Founded in 1971 as the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Earthjustice has worked through the courts to safeguard public lands, national forests, parks, and wilderness areas; to reduce air and water pollution; to prevent toxic contamination; to preserve endangered species and wildlife habitat and to achieve environmental justice. Because the Earth needs a good lawyer—Earthjustice.

The Center for a New American Dream


(www.newdream.org) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Americans change the way they consume in order to improve their quality of life. protect the environment. and promote social justice. The center works with individuals. government agencies and companies to conserve natural resources. counter the commercialization of American culture and promote positive changes in the way goods are produced and consumed. "Turn the Tide" is a New American Dream program of nine simple actions that people can take in their daily lives that have a measurable. positive impact on the environment. Sign up for "Step by Step". the center's monthly e-mail action bulletin.

The Society for Conservation Biology


(www.conservationbiology.org) in an international professional organization dedicated to promoting the scientific study of the phenomena that affect the maintenance. loss. and restoration of biological diversity. Although an organization of conservation professionals. SCB has information and publications of interest to the non-professional as well. Biodiversity. species. ecological and evolutionary processes and the particular and total environment are the focus of SCB.

The Siskiyou Project


(www.siskiyou.org) works to protect the ecological integrity and biodiversity of the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion in northwest California and southwest Oregon. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has recognized this region as one of seven areas of global botanical significance in North America. The World Wildlife Fund has identified the Klamath-Siskiyou as one of the most diverse conifer forests in the world. Tragically, the Klamath-Siskiyou is being threatened by logging, habitat destruction and, even more, by mining—this in spite of the fact that the northern part of the region has been designated as the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. Help out and learn more by contacting the Siskiyou Project.

The Bonneville Environmental Foundation


The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF - http://www.b-e-f.org) was founded in 1998 to support watershed restoration programs and develop new sources of renewable energy. Funding for these efforts has been provided in a way that would be called unusual for most foundations. BEF, a not-for-profit organization, markets green power products to public utilities, businesses, government agencies and individuals. 
 Some ski resorts, concerned about the recent mild winters and declining snow packs, are offering their customers the option of buying a "Green Tag" to offset the greenhouse gas that the skier generated in driving to the mountain—160 pounds of carbon dioxide for the average SUV. Also, individuals can purchase "Green Tags" directly from Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset their personal household and vehicular production of greenhouse gas.  Buy a book of Green Tags and drive your SUV (almost) guilt-free!

Center for Environmental Equity


(www.nevermined.org). CEE protects public land. water. and wild places from mining degradation. Withdrawal of public lands from mineral claims and development is the best protection against degradation caused by mining. CEE believes that the 1872 Mining Law is obsolete and should be repealed. Based in Portland. Oregon. CEE works with local organizations at the grassroots level to educate taxpayers and communities about the health and environmental hazards of mining and the inequities of the 1872 Mining Law.

Evangelical Environmental Network


(www.creationcare.org). For those with 
 fundamental Christian beliefs. this organization provides a Biblical basis for environmental stewardship. "An Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation" is a faith-based mission statement that sets forth actions and goals that everyone concerned about the earth and its biosystems can agree with.

National Religious Partnership for the Environment


(www.nrpe.org). This is an ecumenical organization of Catholic. Protestant. Eastern Orthodox and African American denominations. It includes the Evangelical Environmental Network as well as all four Jewish movements. The Partnership seeks to weave God's creation throughout religious life in such a way as to provide inspiration. moral vision. and commitment to social justice for all efforts to protect the natural world and human well-being within it. It calls upon multiple resources to enact a comprehensive vision.

Friends of the Earth


(www.foe.org) is the U.S. voice of the world's largest network of environmental groups. Founded in San Francisco in 1969 by David Brower. Friends of the Earth since has been at the forefront of high-profile efforts to create a healthy. more just world. Members of Friends of the Earth were in turn the founders of Friends of the Earth International. the world's largest federation of democratically elected environmental groups. At www.foe.org you can learn about FOE's successes. projects and how you can interact with them to make a better earth.

Sea Turtle Restoration Project


Sea Turtle Restoration Project (www.seaturtles.org) fights to protect endangered sea turtle populations in ways that meet the ecological needs of sea turtles. the oceans and the communities who share the beaches and waters with these gentle and beautiful creatures. Sea turtles are among the oldest animal lineages of Earth. Disturbance of nesting turtles on beaches. artificial beach lighting. long line and gillnet fishing and shrimp trawling are among the human activities that are threatening to exterminate forever these fellow creatures. STRP works to preserve sea turtles and marine biodiversity.

Slow Food


Slow Food (www.slowfood.com) was founded in 1986 in Italy and as an international movement in Paris in 1989. Slow Food believes that for humans to enjoy the pleasures that the earth has to offer us. we must find the proper balance of exchange with the environment and deal with nature with respect. Slow Food members regard themselves as "eco-gastronomes" and recognize that our pleasure cannot be separated from the pleasures of others and is dependent on a balance with nature. Among Slow Foods projects is the "Ark of Taste". an ongoing catalogue of dishes and animals that are in danger of disappearing.

Trout Unlimited


Trout Unlimited (www.tu.org) was one of the first NGOs to recognize the environmental threats posed by Newt Gingrich's "Contract on America" and broadcast an alert to its members. (TU's urgent call to action resulted in "Spirit of Chinook Looking at Us"--see poetry section--and the launch of the Gritfish website). Trout Unlimited's stated mission is to conserve. protect and restore North America's trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds. Driven by a powerful and dedicated grassworks network. TU is meeting the challenges of coldwater conservation and protecting our fisheries and rivers for generations to come. Whether or not you are a trout or salmon angler. Trout Unlimited deserves your support as a protector of America's aquatic environment.

Working Assets


Working Assets(www.workingassets.com) is a long distance and wireless telephone. credit card and broadcasting company that was created to build a world that is more just. humane and environmentally sustainable. Working Asset's long distance and wireless services are marketed under the names Credo Mobile and Credo Long Distance. . Every year a percentage (typically 1%) of Working Assets revenue is donated to progressive nonprofit groups working for peace. human rights. equality and the environment. Among NGOs that Working Assets has supported are Greenpeace. Planned Parenthood. Rainforest Action Network and Sierra Club. Donations are based on sales revenue. not profits. Subscribers to Working Assets Long Distance can contact targeted decision-makers on designated critical issues by free long distance call any time or day of the week.  Even better, Credo Mobile offers an app which allows mobile subscribers to receive petitions for progressive actions and support the movement with a click.  Check out the Huffington Post and you'll see that these app-submitted petitions are effective.  Long distance subscribers can have a low cost. well-argued advocacy letter sent on their behalf. Visit www.WorkingForChange.com for daily updates from leading columnists such as Greg Palast or shop at www.ShopForChange.com for merchants who donate up to 5% of the online purchase price. Ratepayers. unite to make a change!

World Wildlife Fund


World Wildlife Fund (www.panda.org) is the American/Canadian name for the World Wide Fund for Nature.  "WWF" is the acronym for both the North American and international funds.  WWF programs include climate change. forests for life. living waters. endangered species. threatened species. toxics and policy issues.  WWW works to conserve nature and ecological processes through a combination of action on the ground. national and international advocacy work to establish appropriate policies. and international campaigns to highlight and demonstrate solutions to crucial environmental problems.

Grist Magazine


Grist Magazine (www.gristmagazine.com) tackles environmental topics with irreverence. intelligence. and a fresh perspective. Our goal is to inform. entertain. provoke. and encourage creative thinking about environmental problems and solutions. We publish new content each weekday -- in-depth reporting. cartoons. summaries of breaking news stories. Q & A with activists. book reviews. an environmental advice column. and lots more. We're based in Seattle. and our contributors are scattered the world 'round.

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics


Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (www.fseee.org) seeks to forge a socially responsible value system for the Forest Service based on a land ethic that ensures ecologically and economically sustainable resource management. 
 FSEEE program objectives are:
 1. Redefine timber and other commodity targets so that they are not the goal, but rather the outcome of land management objectives. Ensure ecosystem integrity as the highest priority.
 2. Protect and promote the right of the public to be informed.
 3. Champion the role of large intact ecosystems and natural disturbance cycles as blueprints for reconstructing damaged lands, protecting diversity and restoring resource productivity.
 4. Foster/develop a land management ethic in ourselves, federal and state agencies, and elected officials.
 FSEEE is a unique concept—a national organization of government employees holding the Forest Service accountable for responsible land stewardship. FSEEE believes that the land is a public trust, to be passed with reverence from generation to generation. The Forest Service and other public agencies must follow the footsteps of Aldo Leopold, a pioneer of conservation, and become leaders in the quest for a new resource ethic.

The Native Fish Society


The Native Fish Society (www.nativefishsociety.org) advocates for the conservation. protection and restoration of native fishes (primarily salmon. steelhead and trout) in the Pacific Northwest. NFS monitors and influences public agency management decisions in favor of native fish. produces educational material on native fish conservation and inventories and monitors the status and health of native fish populations. A major goal of NFS is to connect humans to the beauty. mystery and value of native fish ecosystems and the environment. Native fishes require a healthy. undamaged environment.

The International Society for Ecological Economics


The International Society for Ecological Economics(www.ecoeco.org) facilitates understanding between economists and ecologists and the integration of their thinking into a transdiscipline aimed at developing a sustainable world. Modeling. equity. indicators. limits. trade and development. valuation and policy instruments are subjects for investigation and development for ISEE. Cooperation rather than confrontation. ISEE believes. can build a sustainable world.

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