True Food Shopping List


Genetically engineered foods are being sold without labeling throughout the United States—this in spite of the fact that the long-term consequences of consuming such products are unknown. Genetically modified organisms, including those used as food, are, essentially, mutations. Most naturally occurring mutations are harmful and it is likely that genetically modified grains, animals and other comestibles will prove likewise. Already a bacterial gene, introduced into corn as a "natural" pesticide, has proved lethal to monarch butterflies. The effect of gmo mutants escaping into the environment is unknown. Jean Merrill of Greenpeace has stated that "Consumers should not be used as guinea pigs by companies who continue to sell genetically contaminated food". Boycotting genetically engineered food will discourage further development of these questionable products. Visit to obtain The True Food Shopping List: How to Avoid Genetically Engineered Food . 

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