Center for Earth Leadership


The Center for Earth Leadership ( ) trains and motivates Northwest citizens to assume a leadership role in forging a sustainable culture.  Started by Dick and Jean Roy, who also founded the Northwest Earth Institute, has a singular vision: 

Citizens must provide the true leadership to a sustainable future.  Center programs recognize the immense potential of each individual to assume an expanded role in daily life by :  (1)  reducing personal impact on the earth, (2) by being an agent of change, and (3) being an assertive advocate for the earth. 

    Classes and workshops include: 

    1.  Agent of Change in Your Circle of Influence (5-session class)

    2.  Assessing Your Ecological Footprint (6-session class)

    3.  The Local Organizer's Toolkit (3-hour workshop).

    4.  Home Eco-Party (gathering). 

Learn more about being an active influence for ecological sustainability at: /                        

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