Take Action


Thousands of environmental causes around the world deserve immediate action. No single web site could list them all. Mankind's misuse of the natural environment has created unforeseen effects everywhere, many of which threaten survival of life on Earth as we know it. Fortunately, the cumulative action of citizens, acting individually and through non-governmental organizations can achieve significant results. Al Gore has said, 'Concern for the environment must become the central organizing principle of civilization.' We must view ourselves as responsible citizens of the world and not as abused taxpayers deprived of some perceived right to act wholly for our own interests.

The important thing is to take action and work to make a difference. The outcomes we seek are evolutionary and most will be achieved slowly. It is important, therefore, to remain detached from the outcome from any specific action and to work steadfastly. We must keep in mind that most participants in the present extractive economy are not innately malicious but subscribe to the view that mankind's economy is paramount to all things and that there is a technological fix for any damage that is done--in other words, they are simply unaware.

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