Waterkeeper Alliance unites all Waterkeeper organizations; it is one of the fastest growing grassroots environmental in the world, spanning six continents. Waterkeeper Alliance was founded in 1999, responding to a growing movement of organizations with the name of Riverkeeper, Baykeeper, Soundekeeper. etc.  The original Riverkeeper organization was organized in 1983 in New York State to deal with the destructive industrial pollution that was destroying the Hudson River.  Waterkeeper Alliance coordinates actions and covers issues to protect rivers, lakes, bays, sounds, and other water bodies around the world.  Examples of Riverkeeper Alliances include the original Hudson Riverkeeper, San Francisco Baykeeper, Willamette Riverkeeper, San Diego Coastkeepr, Atchafakaya Basinkeeper, Louisiana Bayoukeeper and many others.  As part of its Clean and Safe Energy campaign, Waterkeeper Alliance works to address sources of pollution related to the mining, transportation, combustion and disposal of coal.  Robert Kennedy, Jr. is the president of Waterkeeper Alliance.  Support your local Waterkeeper organization! www.waterkeeper.org

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