Network of Spiritual Progressives


The Network of Spiritual Progressives welcomes secular humanists, atheists and people who are "spiritual but not religious" as well as people from every religious community who share the values of love, generosity, creativity, wonder and a commitment to respect one another.  The Network of Spiritual progressives seeks a new bottom line so that institutions, corporations, social practices, governmental practices, our educational system, our legal system, our medical system and even our personal behavior is judged efficient, rational and productive to the extent that each one maximizes love, caring, kindness, generosity, ethical and ecologically sensitive behavior and enhances both our capacity to respond to others as embodiments of the sacred and to to the universe with awe, wonder, and radical amazement at the grandeur and mystery of all being.

We recognize that our well being depends on the well being of everyone else on the planet and the well being of the Earth.


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